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Cornerstone Hospital of Round Rock – Center for Advanced Wound Care is staffed by a team of experts specially trained to address the unique challenges of healing chronic wounds. Our team will evaluate you and your wound, and then individualize a treatment plan to help your wound heal. Using the latest technology and research, our wound care team partners with your primary physician to heal your wound quickly.

Our service includes a multidisciplinary approach to wound healing. The treatment plan, and services, are cost effective for both acute and chronic wounds. Our wound care team includes licensed health care professionals trained in wound care, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and physicians who practice in various medical specialties.

Success Stories

A news release by KXAN reported: “Every 30 seconds someone loses their leg because of complications with diabetes. Poor circulation and nerve damage make diabetics more vulnerable to infections, sores and ulcers. If they’re not treated properly, it can lead to amputation. And it’s not just diabetics, chronic wounds affect 6.5 million Americans.”

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According to the National Institute of Health, chronic wounds caused by diabetes, poor circulation, and other conditions affect about 6.5 million Americans every year, and these advanced wounds keep patients from enjoying their favorite activities.

If you have a chronic, non-healing wound, the staff at the Center for Advanced Wound Care, a program offered at Cornerstone Hospital in Round Rock, can help you get back to the activities you enjoy. Dedicated doctors, nurses and hyperbaric staff specialize in treating non-healing wounds, including those that have resisted healing after months or even years of traditional treatment.

You can be assured – we have a commitment to excellence when it comes to the level of care we provide.

Wound Vac Therapy

Negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) is a healing technique that uses a special vacuum dressing to heal acute and chronic wounds. The treatment involves the controlled use of sub-atmospheric pressure to the local wound environment. NPWT is used for diabetic ulcers as well as other types of wounds.

Skin Substitutes

Skin substitutes are used to help with wound closure, control pain and replace the function of the skin. Skin substitutes are either permanent or temporary.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen Therapy is the use of 100% oxygen under an increased pressure. Indications are as follows: Osteomyelitis, Diabetic Foot Ulcers , Air or Gas Embolism, Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, Gas Gangrene, Crush Injury, Compartment Syndrome, Acute Traumatic Ischemias, Decompression Sickness, Arterial Insufficiencies, Necrotizing Soft Tissue Infections, Delayed Radiation Injury, Compromised Grafts and Flaps.


Debridement is the removal of dead, damaged, or infected tissues to improve healing of the remaining healthy tissue.

Advanced Dressings

Advanced wound dressings are designed to treat more complex wounds and often require a prescription. These dressings often include alginates, hydrocolloids, hydrogels, and foam dressings.


The physicians at Cornerstone practice various medical specialties. Our wound care team comes from a variety of fields, including podiatry, plastics and general surgery. Each physician within our team has been trained in the most up to date wound care practices and protocols.

Dr. Shannon Mitchel

Dr. Shannon Mitchel

Dr. Shannon Mitchel has been involved in the practice of wound care for 20 years. She graduated from Texas Woman’s University with a Master of Science Degree in Physical Therapy in 1993. Her physical therapy practice grew to become 100% wound care and she became board certified in wound care as a physical therapist in 1999. She went on to be active in wound consulting, teaching nurses and therapists how to perform wound care in the home setting. She was adjunct faculty in the Department of Clinical Education of Texas Woman’s University.

Due to a desire to be able to do more for her patients, she went to medical school to seek her MD degree. She graduated from the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio in 2007. While in school, she received a NIH grant to perform research on soft tissue and bone sarcomas, which led to several publications. Dr. Mitchel went on to a General Surgery Residency at the Methodist Hospital in Houston, Texas. In 2012, she joined Accelecare (Now Healogics) and became their first Wound Care Physician in Portland, Oregon. She became involved in Clinical education within the corporation, serving as a mentor to new physicians joining the practice.

In October of 2015, she received her CWSP and is now a Diplomat in the American Board of Wound Management. In September 2016, she moved back to her home state of Texas to join WoundCentrics as the Medical Director for Wound Care at Cornerstone Hospital in Round Rock. She is a member of the American Medical Association, The Medical Society of Metropolitan Portland, The Association for the Advancement of Wound Care, The American College of Wound Healing and Tissue Repair, and the Columbia Wound Care Consortium.

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