Mr. Bolen

After testing positive for COVID19, Mr. Bolen went to a local ICU to receive critical care. When he transitioned to Cornerstone, Mr. Bolen was on a ventilator, couldn’t move without maximum assistance from our rehabilitation team, and needed a¬†feeding tube to eat.
Within three weeks of his customized treatment plan, Mr. Bolen improved. He was weaned from the ventilator and able to eat independently. In addition to this progress, Mr. Bolen took the first steps to rebuild his mobility. He learned to transfer with assistance and complete self-care activities with set-up assistance from our team. With this success, our case managers discharged Mr. Bolen to inpatient rehabilitation.
In a recent update, Mr. Bolen shared he is now home with his loved ones and walking over 1,000 feet! Congratulations, Mr. Bolen!
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