Mr. Cary

Earlier this summer, Mr. Cary experienced shortness of breath and visited the emergency room. When he arrived, Mr. Cary, who received the COVID19 vaccine, was diagnosed with a breakthrough COVID-19 infection and pneumonia.
After spending time in an acute care hospital, Mr. Cary transitioned to Cornerstone Specialty Hospitals Austin. He was on a ventilator and required total assistance from our rehabilitation team.
Together with Mr. Cary’s family, we collaborated on a treatment plan designed to help him restore his independence and enjoy one of his favorite activities, ballroom dancing.
Thanks to aggressive rehabilitation, family support, and high-quality care, Mr. Cary achieved his goals! He was weaned from the ventilator and walking over 100 feet with a rolling walker! He discharged to an inpatient rehabilitation to continue his recovery.
We’re honored to make a difference for Mr. Cary and can’t wait to see him back on the dance floor!