Mr. Citizen

“I just want to say thank you to all of the team members who worked with me to get me back home.”
When Mr. Citizen transitioned to our hospital to receive continued care for COVID19 complications, including pneumonia, he was on a ventilator and required maximum assistance for his mobility.
From day one of his recovery, Mr. Citizen’s wife, Shayla, was involved in his customized treatment plan. With this strong family support and the dedication of our Lake Charles team, Mr. Citizen accomplished his goals.
As our respiratory therapists weaned Mr. Citizen from the ventilator, our rehabilitation team rebuilt his mobility. Today, Mr. Citizen was discharged home with the ability to breathe and walk independently!
Although Mr. Citizen is now home with his wife, Shayla, we will continue to see Shayla at our hospital. Shayla, an LPN, fell in love with our company culture and joined the team! We’re so excited to see how Shayla will make a difference for patients!