Mr. Franke

Mr. Franke was admitted to our Austin hospital in June to help recover from COVID-19 and the complications the virus brought with it. Within the first two days in our ICU, Mr. Franke suffered renal failure and transferred out to have a dialysis port placed. Upon readmission to our hospital, Mr. Franke was in critical condition. Mr. Franke’s family, who had done extensive research on hospitals in the area before selecting ours, began to consider putting him on comfort care.
Our team of highly-trained professionals believed we could turn Mr. Franke’s prognosis around. Slowly but surely, Mr. Franke stabilized, was successfully weaned, and decannulated. As Mr. Franke continued to improve, he found motivation in photos of him and his family traveling all over the world. The pictures in his hospital room and the FaceTime visits our team coordinated with Mr. Franke’s family helped inspire him to reach his ultimate goal of reuniting with his loved ones.
On discharge day to inpatient rehabilitation, Mr. Franke was able to walk 75 feet and share smiles and laughs with our team! We’re honored to make a difference for Mr. Franke and his family!
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