Mr. MacFaddin

Mr. MacFaddin, a veteran who served as an Army Ranger in Somalia and Iraq, transitioned to Cornerstone Specialty Hospitals to receive continued care for a bacterial skin infection in his lower extremities that limited his mobility and impacted his respiratory function.
When Mr. MacFaddin transferred to our West Monroe hospital, he couldn’t move without assistance, was on a ventilator, and needed a feeding tube. Although Mr. MacFaddin’s treatment plan was intensive, he prepared to keep fighting.
Mr. MacFaddin worked hard with our clinical and rehabilitation team members to accomplish his personalized goals. In a short time, Mr. MacFaddin’s feeding tube was removed, and he could perform self-care activities independently! He was weaned from the ventilator and able to walk over 100 feet with a rolling walker!
Mr. MacFaddin was discharged home to his wife on two liters of oxygen. We’re so honored to make a difference for Mr. MacFaddin and share our appreciation for his service to our country!