Ms. Dees

“Therapists, nurses, staff, and doctors all cared about my recovery. I was given the confidence to push through things. I was welcomed with open and kind arms.”

When Ms. Dees arrived at our Shawnee hospital to recover from COVID19 complications, she was on a high flow of oxygen and required maximum assistance with her mobility.

Ms. Dees, a social worker, was determined to return to her job in a local school. This determination empowered Ms. Dees to follow a customized treatment plan outlined by our team.

Upon discharge, Ms. Dee’s breathing and mobility improved! She was on a low flow of oxygen and was walking without assistance. Our case managers discharged Ms. Dees to her home with outpatient therapy services.

We are honored to #MakeADifference in Ms. Dees’ recovery, and we’re so glad she will be returning to her students soon!