Ms. Goodman

At Cornerstone Specialty Hospitals Conroe, our mission to make a difference extends to our patients and their families.
In July, Ms. Goodman had difficulty breathing, went to a local hospital, and was diagnosed with respiratory failure and COVID-19. Ms. Goodman was placed on a ventilator to save her life and underwent an emergency C-section to deliver her unborn baby.
For the first month after her delivery, Ms. Goodman remained sedated. In August, she transitioned to Cornerstone. She had one goal – to hold her newborn, Rowdy!
After one week at our hospital, Ms. Goodman achieved this! Thanks to aggressive rehabilitation, Ms.Goodman went from being unable to sit up to walking over 200 feet with a rolling walker. On Monday, we watched Ms. Goodman hold her son for the first time! We were so honored to witness this heartwarming moment and wish Ms. Goodman the best as she returns home to her family!