Ms. Karlsson

September is Sepsis Awareness Month. According to the Sepsis Alliance, someone is diagnosed with sepsis every 20 seconds. At Cornerstone, we believe high-quality care is critical to surviving sepsis.
Meet Ms. Karlsson! Ms. Karlsson was diagnosed with sepsis after complications from abdominal surgery. When she arrived at Cornerstone, Ms. Karlsson was confused, on a ventilator, and depended on our rehabilitation team for all her mobility needs.
Ms. Karlsson’s commitment to her treatment plan was a success Ms. Karlsson’s relationship with Kailee, a PTA at our Round Rock hospital, encouraged her to start standing again! Our respiratory therapists weaned her from the ventilator and removed her tracheostomy tube.
We wish Ms. Karlsson the best as she continues her journey at an inpatient rehabilitation facility.