Ms. McAdams

At Cornerstone Specialty Hospitals Austin, our team members strive to bond with patients and understand what motivates them to return home.
When Ms. McAdams transitioned to our hospital, she was experiencing chronic respiratory failure. She needed a tracheostomy tube and a high flow of oxygen to help her breathe. Ms. McAdams was weak and unable to stand without a rolling walker.
Our team collaborated on an intensive treatment plan to rebuild Ms. McAdams’ endurance. Ms. McAdams’ connection with two of our team members, Ben and Earl, inspired her to keep fighting. Thanks to this bond and Ms. McAdams’ dedication, she regained her ability to perform activities of daily living independently and walk without any assistance! Alongside this improvement, Ms. McAdams was weaned from the tracheostomy tube and needed minimum levels of oxygen support.
Recently, Ms. McAdams was discharged home! Before she left our hospital, Ms. McAdams shared how excited she is to reunite with her grandchildren! Congratulations, Ms. McAdams!