Ms. Rogers

Ms. Rogers was admitted to Cornerstone Specialty Hospitals West Monroe to receive continued care for COVID19 complications after contracting the virus while in a nursing home recovering from a hemodialysis procedure. Ms. Rogers spent two weeks in a local emergency room before she transitioned to Cornerstone.
When Ms. Rogers arrived in mid-December, she was unresponsive and required total assistance for all activities. In early January, Ms. Rogers began to make progress toward her ultimate goal of returning home! Our respiratory team successfully weaned Ms. Rogers from the vent and removed her trach. With this respiratory progress, Ms. Rogers’ strength and endurance improved!
By late January, Ms. Rogers was able to perform all activities of daily living independently and walk 150 feet with a rolling walker!
When she discharged home in February, Ms. Rogers shared how grateful she was to hug her grandchildren again! Congratulations, Ms. Rogers!